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 Why I write For Children?


I write for children to help them learn, as well as to see what they learned. At home and at school. I also write to help our youth to get more involved in reading and too keep them from spending to much time watching T.V and gaming. Best viewed on computer not cell phones. I love to see the children laugh and giggle, either from me reading them at schools and day cares, or hearing it from teachers and parents.

So, Go ahead and click on top right on more to read a short story or two. It's Free  kid's ask your parent's first.

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   I go by my nick name Mr. Bill, as easier for kids to remember, also use william2233 easier to look up on google or yahoo.

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My three books are now in our school library, Holbrook

look up E Saw


 Covers of books in photo gallery - Click upper right button more, then Hobby in photo gallery.

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I've been a school custodian for 35 years now, as well as a children author since 1999, published in 2005, 16 years now. All my books have tested in the class rooms at different elementary schools, and day cares.

It's a big plus to be able to do this when my stories are completed.


 I was asked by a teacher I wonder how much our solar panels are saving the district? Well, I've added a link.

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My published books below


The Nest That Could Fly - ages eight on up

View free preview of book - Click on upper right side, then click on link page youtube.

About a family of Robin Birds, with cute illustrations

Children as young as three years old like this story when read too.

Also available on Nook and I book store, Kindle, and E-Book

10% Off  Or on Amazon- Search, the nest that could fly


Click here to buy

E-book $5.71, Printed is more.

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This book helping Valle Verde Elementary with $1.00 a book

And I would like to say thanks to the school librarian, for putting my book in the library. I'm in a few of the M.D.U.S.D Library's.



 These books are available to buy printed version or E - book version. Buy an e-book and save a tree, go green


The What Am I? Book- ages five on up

Riddle and coloring book, written for children to see what they learned at school.


I'll be helping out Holbrook School, donated $100.00

I donated couple of my books to our school library to check out and read, first two in now.

 Click here to buy

E-book $3.54, Printed a little more



The What Am I? Bugs

Riddle and coloring book, answer in color, fill in missing bug parts and color in your own colors.

This book is great to entertain children on long trips,air, land and sea, play dates,  sleep overs, party's of all kinds, camping, or from just being bored.

go to look up what am I bugs

E-book $4.75, printed much more.

This book helping out Wren Ave Elementary, and look at example in photo page right upper corner click more and look in photo album - Hobby.


 Links on right top under more for stories below

Child Poetry - all ages - free


Modern Poetry - ages eight on up - free

About poetry


Poetry for advertisement - all ages

 Get free things from writing a simple poem.


The Bat-all ages - free, true story about a bat I caught at a school. Jan/2015 added another Bat story.


Rockets over California - ages eight on up - free, about Model Rocketry.


Hummer The humming Bird  - all ages - free, about a humming bird caught at a school.



My most important story for the children of the World.



Bill's P.R.I.D.E 

P.R.I.D.E - Stands for Public relations in Dare Education.

I've written this book to keep children eight on up from ever trying tobacco.

Why? As a smoker that worked at an elementary school for years I was setting a bad example to the young ones that have witnessed me smoking.

So I wrote a short 20 minute book that will reverse this situation, even to children that didn't see me - This story should impact them enough not to start. this book was tested in the class rooms of two different schools years ago. I received many letters from the children stating they would never try tobacco. I found another author to help out with book. TL bliss author of Grace, Juice with me, book cover  is in photos - Hobby.

Cover can be seen in photo album. This book is helping out Gregory Gardens school with

a dollar a book.  Thank you Katrina Kistler former name, Katrina Figuera of Gregory Gardens, for trying to locate others.

This my fourth book out, and my newest. look it up William Sawyers  Cost is $5.53 for printed version.

(Click here to buy)


When I tried out for America's got talent Feb/9th/14, my first year I quite smoking.

As of 2/9/18  I'll be smoke free for five years.

I'm gaining weight, look at Talent show history link on left side. and talent show props under photo page.


 yes, school custodians work thru the summer too.

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 My daughter Amanda is a teacher at the YMCA, and  my son Chris works doing Cutco and Amway, His E - mail is [email protected]

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